A geometric realization of socle-projective categories for posets of type A


This paper establishes a link between the theory of cluster algebras and the theory of representations of partially ordered sets. We introduce a class of posets by requiring avoidance of certain types of peak-subposets and show that these posets can be realized as the posets of quivers of type A with certain additional arrows. This class of posets is therefore called posets of type A. We then give a geometric realization of the category of finitely generated socle-projective modules over the incidence algebra of a poset of type A as a combinatorial category of certain diagonals of a regular polygon. This construction is inspired by the realization of the cluster category of type A as the category of all diagonals by Caldero, Chapoton and the first author. We also study the subalgebra of the cluster algebra generated by those cluster variables that correspond to the socle-projectives under the above construction. We give a sufficient condition for when this subalgebra is equal to the whole cluster algebra.

Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 224(12), Art. 106436. doi:10.1016/j.jpaa.2020.106436